IGOT Guyana is looking to provide a host of services to the oil and gas sector in the country.
We will begin a rollout plan by which we will implement our services on short and long term bases. Most services listed will be offered in the future.


Marine Services

Offshore diving services

Construction, inspection, maintenance
and modernization of platforms

Geotechnical and survey services

Vessel fleet

Marine pipelines maintenance


Onshore Oil Services

Drilling services

Operation and maintenance services

Artificial lift production systems

Gas & steam compression and injection services

Field development services


Gas & Power

Natural gas distribution

Natural gas commercialization

Commercialization and natural gas
transportation by wheels


Integrity & infrastructure

Integrity and reliability assurance services of the hydrocarbon transportation system


Procurement solutions for the energy industry

MRO offshore services

Drilling services

Exploration & production

Midstream asset integrity

Natural Gas

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